Give blood, save a life.

Calendar 28 set

Saturday, September 28th 2019

from 8 to 12

- 5 minutes from Via del Corso
- 10 minutes from Piazza del Popolo

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Who can donate blood?

Minimum requirements include:

• Age between 18 and 70
• A weight not less than 50 kg

The doctor will assess your status before collection and establish if you can donate. To avoid disappointment, check the guide for the full list of exclusions.

Download the guide!

It includes:

– who cannot donate
– how to prepare for donating
– all the benefits of blood donation

See the guide >>

Every few seconds, someone in Italy needs blood

● Those who have been involved in serious accidents, like a car crash
● Those who need a surgery
● Mothers giving birth
● People with blood disorders, such as sickle cell patients
● Patients being treated for cancer
● Leukemia patients

People like you, whose life depends on the kindness of others. Be the kind one, help save lives.

How you can help

Giving blood is a selfless act of kindness, but we’ll be offering you: 

● A free check-up of your blood
● A day off from work (if you wish)
● A breakfast 
● Free entrance to several museums


And, most of all… the joy and fulfilment of knowing you’ve been of help. 

Come donate blood, if you can. 

If you can’t donate, you can always help raise awareness! Share a picture of yourself with a #GiveBackToRome sign on your favourite social channel, and use the #GiveBackToRome in the description so we can find you and reshare.
Share also the link to this page with all details, so your friends can come donate.

One single donation can save up to three lives, but it can take many donors to save just one.

Share your pledge and invite your friends… every drop counts!

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